First Lady Fast Actives Lemon Skin Lightening Soap


First Lady Lemon Skin Lightening Soap is a beautifying & superior lightening soap. This cleansing soap helps stop the progress of skin darkening and effectively reduces existing skin pigmentation. This new formula contains Lemon Extracts, Vitamin C, Arbutin and Lactic Acid, all of which all aid skin brightening.

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This First lady lightening exfoliating lemon soap contains Vitamin C, Walnut extracts, Arbutin and Lactic Acid, which effectively cleans, exfoliates and lightens skin pigmentation, liver spots and freckles whilst maintaining a lighter complexion.

Introducing First Lady Fast Actives Lemon Soap – the ultimate blend of luxury and skincare. Elevate your daily bathing routine with the refreshing essence of lemon, coupled with the powerful fast-acting formula that pampers your skin while promoting a radiant glow.

  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Lemon extracts added aid the lightening properties
  • Contains Vitamin C, Arbutin and Lactic Acid to help brighten and lighten skin
  • Walnut extract for skin exfoliation
  • Lemon Fresh fragrance



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First Lady

Lemon vitamin C face, body & hands soap

First Lady Fast Actives Lemon Skin Lightening Soap