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Discover the essence of natural beauty with our premium selection of herbal hair oils at First Lady London. Transform your hair care routine with potent blends crafted to nourish, strengthen, and revitalise your locks. Explore our range now!

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  • First Lady Almond Hair Oil helps reduces hair fall, fights against split ends, prevents hair from weakening & thinning, and moisturises hair

    First Lady Herbal Almond Hair Oil helps to reflect damaging UV rays and protects hair from the sun, reducing hair fall and improves hair quality which prevents it from weakening & thinning.

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  • First Lady Amla Hair Oil strengthens the hair follicles, moisturises the scalp, strengthens and nourishes hair.

    First Lady Herbal Hair Oil strengthens the hair follicles and moisturises the scalp. It adds lustre and makes hair look and feel healthy.

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