The magic of L-Glutathione – Skin Lightening

What is L-Glutathione?

L-Glutathione is a substance that is active and is known as reduced Glutathione. This ingredient is used in our First Lady GlutaWhite skin lightening products. Glutathione is commonly found in plants, fungus, bacteria, animals and us humans. Our product source’s this ingredient from plants. In us humans this substance is already being produced naturally within our liver, however with age the levels of Glutathione being produce reduces

Skin Lightening with L-Glutathione

L-Glutathione contains many skin benefits. When skin discolouration and hyper-pigmentation is concerned this ingredient is known as the magic ingredient. This is because active L-Glutathione helps to decrease melanin in the skin by inhabiting the enzyme tyrosinase which produces pigmentation. This process promotes a lighter, clear skin and uniform complexion.

Our scientist and dermatologist have highlighted that the ingredient when used topically contains benefit such as:

Skin Lightening | Anti ageing – Improving wrinkles | Antioxidant | Improves elasticity | Promotes Radiant skin


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