First Lady Fast Actives Papaya Milk Lotion (750ml)


Papaya Milk Lotion: Nourishes, brightens, and fades marks, dark spots, and uneven skin tone for a clear and radiant complexion. This body milk contains a combination of Papaya Fruit Extract and Lactic Acid.



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This papaya milk regulates the cutaneous pH balance of the skin; this high-performance lightening actives and fruit acid combination encourages cell renewal.

It efficiently tackles skin problems, such as imperfections and dark spots, through its anti-microbial agents. As the pigmentation stabilises, the complexion is clear and maintains a radiant glow.

First Lady Fast Actives Papaya Milk Body Lightening Skin Lotion is formulated with Lactic Acid, promoting a smoother, glowing skin tone.


  • Dark spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Discolouration

Active ingredients: Lactic Acid & Papaya Fruit Extract

Embrace a brighter, gradual, confident glow – effortlessly.

First Lady Fast Actives Lightening Body Milk Lotion is suitable for sensitive skin and will require regular use and consistency for optimum glowing skin.


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First Lady Fast Actives Papaya Milk Lotion (750ml)

First Lady Fast Actives Papaya Milk Lotion (750ml)