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  • Cleansing Charcoal Shower Cream

    First Lady Brightening Shower Cream with Activated Charcoal is a body wash for all skin types.

    This shower cream has been formulated specifically to brighten and freshen the skin. It helps cleanse and remove environmental pollutants from the skin. The formulation has been created with Activated Charcoal, which leaves the body deeply purified and refreshed.

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  • First Lady Expensive Whitening Exfoliating soap – 3 in 1

    This Soap Has Been Formulated With Key Active Ingredients Such As Arbutin, Aloe Vera, Vegetable Base, Apricot Kernels & Triclosan. These Ingredients Work Together To Lighten, Exfoliate, Hydrate And Protect The Skin From Germs. 200G

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