The benefits of Collagen Anti-Ageing Face Gel

At First Lady London we believe that beauty products should provide remedies for all skin concerns. Our Collagen Anti-Ageing Face Gel has been developed to aid ageing skin.

Some brief info on Collagen

Collagen is found in the body’s connective tissues. It known as a structural protein that plays a crucial role in maintaining elasticity in the skin.

As we age, the body’s collagen production decreases and the loss of collagen is more visible.  

Signs of collagen production decreasing

  • Deeper lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Sagging Loose skin

The collagen molecule itself is a large molecule, in order for the ingredient to be absorbed into the skin the molecule is broken down into Hydrolysed Collagen, which can be absorbed into the skin.  Hydrolysed Collagen is known to have a positive effect on the skin, it retains moisture and water which helps improve elasticity.

About our Collagen Anti-Ageing Face Gel

Our collagen Face Gel is a product that has been formulated to moisturise the skin. It contains Hydrolysed Collagen which absorbs into the skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. First Lady Collagen Anti-Ageing Face Gel aids skins natural elasticity by retaining hydration.

  • Pure Collagen Anti-Ageing Face Gel

    First Lady moisturising collagen face gel contains anti-ageing properties, which help reduce and address fine lines and wrinkles and restore moisture to dehydrated skin.

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