Fast Active High Definition Strong Lightening Beauty Face Cream

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Treat uneven skin with our luxury First Lady High Definition Strong Lightening Face Beauty Cream.  Treat skin discolouration, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, age spots, acne scars & marks.

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Our High Definition Strong Lightening face cream contains an effective unique formulation. Enriched with Argan Oil, Saffron, Retinol, Kojic Acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acids, it lightens, evens, and improves skin tone.

  • Retinyl Palmitate treats wrinkles and adds resiliency to the skin
  • Argan Oil moisturises and repairs damaged skin & scars
  • Saffron improves overall complexion and contains anti-aging  benefits
  • Kojic Acid inhibits melanin production for lighter skin, it treat skin conditions, such as sun damage, scars, hyperpigmentation and age spots
  • Lactic Acid lightens and exfoliates for a smoother look

Indulge in our cream for even and clearer skin.

This product contains active ingredients you may feel a tingling/mild itchy sensation this is due to the active ingredients reacting.

Recommendation: Follow up with SP50 Sunblock daily during and after brightening treatment to maintain brighter skin.

Cosmetic Patch Test : It is advisable that a small patch test is conducted before the product is fully used to ensure the product is suitable for your skin. Discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice if skin irritation or allergic reaction occurs.




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First Lady Fast Active High Definition Strong Lightening Beauty Face Cream

Fast Active High Definition Strong Lightening Beauty Face Cream

Original price was: £16.99.Current price is: £9.99.