Vitamin E

Our First Lady Vitamin E rich moisturising skin care has been designed to nourish, moisturise and revive the skin from dryness.

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  • Vitamin E

    First Lady Vitamin E Milk is enriched with a combination of Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil which are known for their active moisturising properties. – Enriched with the combination of nourishing Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil. – Skin is nourished and revitalized. – Helps the epidermis restructure itself to…

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    This remarkable oil and vitamin combination is rich in sesame oil which is well known for its restructuring and moisturizing virtues. The Vitamin-E oil nourishes and protects the skin. As an anti-oxidant it effectively fights against free radicals and so cutaneous ageing process. This oil can used direct on moist…

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