Our cleansing skin washing soaps contain elements of moisturising and hydration Our formulas have been developed with hygiene, cleanliness and skin protection in mind.

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  • Cleansing

    This Medicated Carbolic Soap Has Been Formulated With A Combination Of Effective Anti-Bacterial Ingredients. This Soap Cleans, Tones, Removes Dirt & Excess Oil. It Provides A Long Lasting Freshness. 200G

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  • First Lady Expensive Whitening Exfoliating soap – 3 in 1

    This Soap Has Been Formulated With Key Active Ingredients Such As Arbutin, Aloe Vera, Vegetable Base, Apricot Kernels & Triclosan. These Ingredients Work Together To Lighten, Exfoliate, Hydrate And Protect The Skin From Germs. 200G

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