Our First Lady Fast Active Papaya skin lightening and unifying range has been developed for sensitive & normal skin. This mild skin lightening range is rich in papaya extract and will gradually lighten and even the skin tone and will help to maintain a natural glow.

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  • Papaya

    This lightening cream is specially formulated to restore and protect the skin. It contains a complex blend of active ingredients which make it highly effective and well accepted by all skin types. The formulation contains Papaya extract which boosts the lightening effect and helps reduce pigmentation disorders.The complexion becomes lighter…

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  • First Lady Fast Actives Clear Complexion Lightening Body Milk with Papaya Fruit

    First Lady Fast Actives Clear Complexion Lightenizer Body Milk is formulated with Papaya Fruit. This milk has been specifically developed to lighten skin discoloration and even out the skin tone.

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